JI Kustoms Painting Warranty
Custom Paint Jobs:

•  All paint jobs have a limited warranty of 24 months.

•  This warranty covers the following only:

•  fading of design, delamination or peeling of the clear/paint.

•  All custom paint jobs are finished with only the highest quality materials and are sure to last.

•  Warranty does not cover accidental damages such as: rock (debris) chips, scrapes (when putting parts back together or aftwerwards), gasoline or solvent spills, inappropriate care of your paint job or consequential damages during shipping.

•  Owner should use only high quality products to wash, polish, glaze or wax their new paint job.

Please look at: "Care of  your ride" section under services for the proper care of your new paint job.

JI Kustoms will not be responsible for labor/shipping charges to return product for repair or replacement due to damages occurred during shipping.

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