JI Kustoms Customer Satisfaction:

We understand that looking for the right custom paint job for your ride new or used is a nerve wrecking and stressful experience in itself, even more so online.  This is why JI Kustoms would like the opportunity  to offer our clients the peace of mind and eliminate any concerns you might have about the way we conduct our business through the step by step customer satisfaction process we offer.   At JI Kustoms we work closely with our clients on deciding a specific paint job for your ride. Our clients can choose design samples from our galleries, our customers ideas or integrating ideas from other paint jobs our clients liked. 

Money exchange is always a stressful part of  acquiring any long distance service.  At JI Kustoms we strive to keep this process as painless and as easy as possible. Before any work takes place on your custom paint job, we will jointly decide on a price quote for your specific job. Price Quote  will be based on the number of  parts painted, bodywork, specific design, “Glaze It Up” option and shipping fees.   

We require thirty-five percent (35%) down of the grand total as down payment before any work is begun and the remainding balance will be due upon completion of our clients custom paint job.  We will ship your new set immediately upon confirming funds of payment received.  JI Kustoms stands behind their final price quote, we will keep our word when it comes to the price we quote you.

Over 15 years experience using various paint lines and techniques.

Quality Attentive Fast Service:
Here at JI Kustoms, we strive daily to deliver superior, customer oriented and prompt service. Most of out jobs are shipped back to you within 3-6 weeks depending on each customers needs and specific situtation


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