Care of your Ride

When cleaning your auto or motorcycle paint job:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT wax your new paint for at least six to eight weeks.  DO NOT use hand or laundry soaps to wash your ride.   Immediately wipe any chemical or solvent spills from the surface of your paint job to ensure a quality shine all the time.


Washing Your Ride

Use any good automotive soap,such as Meguiar's or 3M products to remove bugs/dirt from the paint surface.  Always make sure to rinse any particles/pieces of dirt, grime or other materials of your cycle/auto surface before washing with a sponge or towel as you will most certainly scratch the surface in doing so.  Make sure that you use the appropriate wash sponges/towels so as to not to scratch your paint job.    Water spots can be eliminated by immediately drying your vehicle/motorcycle in a cool shaded area.


Polishing and Waxing

Hand glaze is the safest way to polish your auto/motorcycle the results will always be worth it. Always hand polish in a cool, shaded area never in directs sunlight. Always work in small two foot by two foot sections using Meguiar’s Swirl Remover and Applicator Pad®, 3M hand glaze or any other 3M polishing product.  Hand glaze should be applied using a soft cotton towel or an applicator pad and removed with a dry clean cotton /microfiber towel. 



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