Ji Kustoms really works with it's customers.  I wanted a simple yet very meaningful design done on my helmet, but I had no idea on how to put it on paper.  The design was to symbolize the importance my mother-in-laws death and the pain it left in our hearts.  JI Kustoms helped me work out my ideas and showed me a proof of the design, once I saw it in paper I knew I had to get it done.  The realism once painted was awesome.


Lorenzo, El Paso, TX

 I drive a 2002 chevy trailblazer, and when it first came out it really was a sweet looking ride; however, there are to many of them out there now.  So, I decided to create a distinctive look for my suv.   So I started searching here in El Paso, TX and found almost no paint shops that could do the flames I wanted.  I went online and saw these real flames and was having a hard time figuring out who could do them locally.  Then somebody gave me a business card from “JI Kustoms”.  When I saw the samples they had painted for their clients to see, it was love at first sight.  I finally saw the flames I wanted painted on my vehicle.   From the start of the design proofs I knew I had chosen the right custom paint company to do the job. Dropping off my vehicle was a bit nerve wrecking, however they kept me updated in every step of the painting process as if it never left my sight.  I was astonished and excited in seeing the transformation of my regular Chevy to the final phase of picking it up.  Thank you, your customer service was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease with the whole process. 

Thank you, 
Canutillo, Texas

1970 Nova, this is my project.  I wanted some realistic flames but it seemed every paint shop I went to nobody knew how to do them.  There was some but they did not have any samples of  previous work done.   I would frequent drag-strips and asked around  for paint shops that knew how to do these types of flames.  After going a couple of times to the drag-strip, I finally saw the flames I was looking for on a Harley motorcycle.  I Asked the owner where he got it done and provided me with the website (www.JI  I was excited just getting the site address.  So I e-mailed photos of my ride to Ji Kustoms website and they were quick to respond.  I received an estimate for the vehicle paint job and went ahead and did it.  They e-mailed me photos since the very start of the process and kept me informed.  The job was completed in time and then some.  They explained in detail of how to take care of my new ride.

H. Hernandez ,


I was looking for somebody to do a mural in my boys room.  I wanted to depict a jungle look on all the walls including the ceiling.   I did not have much problem finding a local artist to paint it, but they wanted an arm and a leg for it.  I heard from a friend that he knew a guy who does custom auto painting and murals when he is not that busy.  At first, I was kind of weary of the price issue being a custom painter and all.  So, I e-mailed “JI Kustoms”, and was really amazed at how prompt and courteous they were in responding.  I thought that once they heard what I wanted done they were going to laugh and send me packing elsewhere.  I paid for a proof of what I wanted done in the room and was totally convinced and happy with the way they responded and sketched out their idea of what I wanted. Then finally the price issue arose, I was relieved I could get professional work done with a fair price.  My family and I thank you, “JI Kustoms” for your great customer service and professionalism.  

Thank you, 
S. Gonzalez
Santa Teresa, NM

1998Dodge Ram,             

My truck is almost ten years old and I was thinking of tading it in or selling it, until I inquired with JI Kustom designs.  They  provided me with three different design possibilities for my truck in the realms of what I was looking for.   After I saw what they could offer, my spirit rejuvenated in joy and the feeling of selling it was forever gone.  I was excited again as if I was going to purchase a new vehicle.  They kept me updated since the beginning of the project, being extremely thourough with the whole process from start to finish.  Not only did they send picturtes via-email, but kept me well informed as to what the next step was.  When I finally saw the whole project done I was blown out of the water.  I really did not imagine the tailgate to look as good as it did.  I was very impressed with the smooth finish on the image drawn in the tailgate.  I would definately recommend JI Kustoms to any of my family and friends.

God bless,
J. Orrantia
El Paso, Texas 

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