Bodywork and Alterations

 Give your bodywork a custom clean look with alterations to your sheet metal or fiberglass. Some examples include:
•    Body work
•    Repairing cracked  or splintered parts
•    Shaving rivets
•    Removing seam lines

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The underside of your fenders should be undercoated to provide protection from rust and debris; in addition to protection it also beautifies your custom paint job making it look complete.  It not only protects the underside but the top side as well, because if it prevents rust from the bottom you are protecting your top as well.  Our undercoating is applied after we paint the fenders, allowing the undercoat to be kept clean from over-spray.  This really adds an additional detail to your custom paint job.
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Design Proofs


JI Kustoms will provide sketches sent by email to our customers to approve before we ever start on your set. This gives our customers the opportunity to make any changes in design and  color if they are not completely satisfied with it. Our rate is $40 per hour for sketches and proofs. Most sketches or proofs will take between one-three hours from preliminary to completed and approved (Note:  Money for proofs/sketches is non-refundable).  Some Clients like designs or paint jobs from other sites and want the same design, however we can do that, we recommend that we make slight changes to make it their own.  At JI Kustoms we will work diligently with our customers until they are completely satisfied with the design for their set.  Please keep in mind that all design proof deposit monies is non-refundable if the customer decides to end the project.  It is only refundable if no sketch work has been produced on behalf of JI Kustoms.
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Custom Paint & Airbrushing

We pride ourselves on being a customer-oriented company pursuing 100% customer satisfaction. JI Kustoms is always striving to exceed our customer’s expectations in airbrush work, logo designs/symbols, graphics, traditional, true(3-D) flames, pin striping, murals, color matching, and much more.

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