• Always package your set by individually placing each piece in several layers of bubble wrap and arrange your set in several boxes (depending size of your set). Place at least two-inches of packing peanuts or foam on the bottom, sides, and top of your box minimum. Make sure there is a minimum of 2 inches of space between the box and each piece, as to assure proper cushoning between items.

*Please include with each box sent to us a “JIKustoms Shipping Form” completely filled out (Please use the LABEL MAKER to facilitate this process for you).· Please reinforce the corners, seams, and openings of your boxes with several strips of tape when shipping your items to us.

Return Shipping:

* All of our shipping will be insured and packaged professionally assuring that your new custom painted parts will not be damaged in the shipping process; however JI Kustom Designs is NOT responsible for any damages occurred during shipping.

* Your passion and pride becomes ours and their immaculate arrival to their homes is just as important to JI Kustom Designs as it is to our clients. We guarantee that our clients will receive their sets in pristine condition from our end!

* The client has the option to prepay for return shipping (with Insurance) this way the client does not worry about the cost of return shipping and added comfort that the value of your set and painting is insured. JI Kustom Designs will NOT ship the item back without the set being fully insured to the value of your set.

* There is a twenty dollar packaging fee per box when we ship your items. This fee covers our packaging supplies, in addition to the packing are the shipping costs. Ground Shipping usually runs about $60-$110 per bike set.

* The number of pieces, size and weight of your set/s determine how much shipping will cost. We ship through UPS, Fed Ex and USPS depending on size, weight, and destination. Overnight Express Shipping is available at an additional cost. We will give you a shipping quote before your final payment is due. Clients can prepay for shipping saving a bit of time. We will provide tracking number(s) and signature confirmation. (if you want your packages left without a signature, please be sure to request this).

Upon Receipt:
We will cautiously unwrap, inspect for any damages, photograph your set and e-mail our clients the arrival condition of your parts.

Label your box(es) and ship them to us at:

JI Kustom Designs

5460 Fire Ridge Circle
El Paso, TX 79932

  • We use UPS and USPS Priority Mail or Fed X.  It's really up to the customer if they have a carrier preference or if they have already paid for return shipping with a particular carrier.


Shipping Form

Feel free to use our Shipping Form Label Maker that will assist you in creating the Packaging Label to attach to your package that you will send to us. 


Keep in mind time quotes that you receive from us are for the painting and body work. Shipping time for  your items in either direction is not included in the time frame, please keep this in cosideration.


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